Friday, January 22, 2010

What sound does a rabbit make?

Cats have ';meow';, dogs have ';woof';, cows have ';moo'; and my fatass sister has ';Oink';.

But what is a rabbits defining call? What sounds do rabbits make? Seriously?What sound does a rabbit make?
A rabbits 'defining call' would have to be silence. Normally, a rabbit does not make a noise, other than maybe a soft purring, occasionally a grunt, or a soft snuffling. A rabbit in extreme pain will scream, it's not a sound most people will ever hear, and is pretty horrible if you ever experience it.What sound does a rabbit make?
Rabbits will scream if they are scared or getting attacked it sounds like a girl, it is very shrill, I have heard it 2 times, once when my friends dalmation was trying to get in the rabbit cage and once when my cousins dog caught a rabbit when we were hunting.
I use to have a rabbit and somehow I don't think i ever heard it make a noise only breathing . I think that is the only sound it makes.
well i have a rabbit and ive only heard her make 2 noises.. sometimes she makes this kinna 'grunting' sound.. and if she is hurt, she makes a loud, high pitch squealing sound.. but thats all i know of...

hope this helps..
The only sounds rabbits make are the slight crunching noise of the grass beneath their paws. Bless their hearts, rabbits are gorgeous. =3
They squeek, but you usually have to hit them with a mallet a few times before they'll do it.
rabbits do screech, it's like the sound of the mouse. my rabbit died a day after she made that sound... cuz my stupid dog bit her
No sounds a rabbit does not make A sound okay ?!%26gt;?!?!?!
';nose wiggle';
they snort like a Guinea pig

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